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Looking Up in the New Year: A bully-free zone

Bully Issues: Anti-Bully Week project

There is something refreshing each year when January rolls around. It is a chance to start over, to get a new perspective. Spending time in schools from communities so different from one another has shown me something. It is easy to sense a difference in mood and outlook from one to the other, but what remains a constant is that there are leaders who care deeply about the children in their scope of influence. It is encouraging to see people from diverse backgrounds, educations, and perspectives working hard to end bullying and to teach the next generation a better way to cope socially.

Teachers and administrators have so much on their plates; it can seem overwhelming to take on the task of proactively looking for bullying by engaging on a deeper level. This requires so much of one’s self. However, for each bully that is redeemed, for each victim that is rescued, the efforts often result in life-changing moments. As 2016 gets rolling, please know that you are not alone in your struggle to end bullying in our schools. Together, we can and we will make a difference.

And if no one has told you lately; thank you for all you do. Things are looking up in this new year.

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